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Here's why every BLACK Female Entrepreneur should watch "Self Made: Inspired by the life of

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The RONA have all us locked in the house. We are going to make it through this. Please do not panic, people.

A great series to watch is "Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madame CJ Walker" on Netflix.

"Never run back to BROKE you."

(My favorite quote from the entire series)


The entire series was based on the legacy of Madam CJ Walker. Her entire purpose was to leave behind wealth for her daughter and a legacy. I would love to congratulate Madam CJ Walker for doing so! She did it! Throughout the series, the word LEGACY was used frequently. It was crucial for her to not only inspire the women that lived during her era, but also the generations to come. Legacy is important because representation is PROOF, that you too, can achieve your goals.

Applying Work Ethic

Madam CJ Walker started from scratch. SPOILER ALERT... The series alleged the formula she used was stolen. Please watch the entire series and do your research. Although, the formula she allegedly stole from her competitor, she still applied work ethic. She knew for a fact, the formula worked. Instead of just relying on the formula, she knocked on many doors. She also spoke at markets and had her daughter working for her as well. She utilized her husband's entire family as her employees.

The Importance Of Sisterhood

She had a hard time gaining support, financially. She pushed for female entrepreneurship and encourage other women to provide for themselves. Her message was before her time and fell on deaf ears. During those times, women solely depended on men, financially. It was unheard of to make more money than a man. Somehow, she was able to do so while also creating opportunities for other women. Spoiler Alert: Her first major investors were black women. With their financial support, she was able to purchase a factory.

Doing it Better

Again, the series alleged she stole the formula that made her rich. Although, I do not support stealing someone's hard work. I do understand the motto, "It's not about who did it first, it is about who did it better". Fortunately, for Madam CJ Walker, she was able to market the formula better than her competitor. Again, it is NOT COOL to steal someone's work... If you are a victim of such doings, just make sure you are always 10 steps ahead.

Staying True To Yourself

Colorism is real. If it is real now, you know, it was real then. Madam CJ Walker made it her business to cater to dark skin women. She also did not want a "high yella" woman on her promotional flyers and packages. She decided to be the face of her company, because she wanted darker black women to know there were hope and a formula to straighten their hair. She never folded to society beauty standards. She defined her beauty and taught other black women to value their beauty.

Creating Opportunities For Your People

You are not legendary, if you do not create other opportunities for others. It is vital to always create opportunities to those that look like you. It was such a pleasure to see a black woman create opportunities for other black women. Again, in an era were women solely depended on men, financially. We can only imagine the hardships and lack of support, women like Madam CJ Walker faced to create such opportunities for women. Although, she is the first self made millionaire, which is such an accomplishment. I believe her greatest accomplishment was employing black women and empowering them to be more than wives.

Never Giving Up

As an entrepreneur, I know first hand, the importance of working capital. You can have the biggest idea in the whole world. In the beginning stages, your business has the room to be operated on passion. You later find out, you can only accomplish so much off of passion. Money is a huge factor in expanding your business. Throughout the entire series, Madam CJ Walker never gave up. She faced the lack of support from friends. She faced the contentment of her husband. She faced the lack of support and encouragement from black men. There was always something there to stop her, but she did not allow anything or anyone to do so. No matter what, she had faith and worked extremely hard to make her dreams come true.

I highly suggest every black woman to pay close attention to this series. It was made for US! Black men, if you are blessed enough to have a "Madam CJ Walker" of your own, please do not give in to the temptation of other women. Please stay down until you come up. Please be very patient with your wife. Do not FOLD!

Keep pushing, entrepreneurs. The vision came to YOU for a reason.


-Bree Moore

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