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It's been a while... Let's CATCH UP....

Hello Everyone,

The pandemic has been a rollercoaster for us all. I remember the very last time, I felt content was in 2019. November 2019 to be exact... Right after, the 7th Annual Bree Moore Productions Fashion Show. In March 2020, the pandemic crashed abruptly. I had to think quickly to keep Bree Moore Productions consistent and successful. I decided to bank on the virtual Closet Sales. Unfortunately, the virtual reality didn't sit with my spirit. As Drake would say, "Nothing was the same".

My little office that sat quietly on the 8th floor of the historic Katy Building was cold and lonely, due to the absence of any activity. In the mist of the uncertainty, I decided to take a tour of Dallas. The ultimate goal of Bree Moore Productions was to always own a venue to host events. On that tour, I discover what we've all been longing for... CLARITY. I knew it was time to take that next big step.

Crawl before you walk, though... Now, I am so happy I started here... Where are we now? What is here? We are now here at the Bree Moore Productions Creative Lab and Podcast Studios located in the historic Katy Building. I flipped a dusty carpet high rise office suite into one of the dopest multipurpose studios in Dallas. One of kind, for sure... When you walk into the Creative Lab, you feel the vibe of passion. Your creative senses tingles when you embrace the yellow runway. You feel at home. The Podcast Studio give you a feel of protection. Yes, protection... You feel as if you can say anything with no judgement. You let your voice be your blanket of security. Once again, you feel at home... You feel that your intellectual property is protected. You are right! It is... in so many aspects... Hence, the hard drives and ring cameras... LOL

Introducing the Bree Moore Productions FLAGSHIP! The Bree Moore Productions Creative Lab and Podcast Studios are here for you, CREATIVES! The exclusivity the highly secured building brings to the essence of the high rise building with a clear view of Downtown Dallas. There is nothing like it in the city. I am not just saying that because it is owned by me.

I am speaking from experience... I am speaking from the perspective from an unbiased creative. A creative that always wanted to belong to a space that alluded in culture and passion. Most of all, a space that gifted FREEDOM.

You can book the Bree Moore Productions Creative Lab and Podcast Studios by simply clicking on the link below. You'll find we have 18 "5 Star Reviews" on both Peerspace and GOOGLE. Don't allow the reviews to judge for you. Come experience this one of a kind space for yourself.

With that being said, we hope you all are maintaining and holding up well. It was so nice to catch up with you all. Until the next post... PEACE

CLICK HERE to BOOK The Podcast Studio

CLICK HERE to BOOK The Creative Lab