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Open House! Just Bring Your Camera!

We are hosting "Open House" at the Bree Moore Productions Creative Lab and Podcast Studio every 2nd Thursday of the month.

All equipment and scenes are available for use from 6 pm - 12midnight.

Join us to create content for your website, social media, and promotional items.

This event is geared to provide a safe and productive space for creatives.

To purchase your Open House PASSES, please visit

FAQs Can I bring my equipment? Yes, you can. However, Bree Moore Productions is not liable for lost and stolen equipment.

Can I bring a model, makeup artist, and hairstylist? Yes, you can bring your team with you. However, there is an additional fee for TEAMS.

Can I purchase a membership for the Bree Moore Productions Creative Lab and Podcast Studios during OPEN HOUSE? Of course! We will have a representative of BMP there during the entire session.

Can I book additional time during OPEN HOUSE? Yes, you may if the next session is not SOLD OUT.

Can I use Bree Moore Productions's equipment and props? Yes, you may. It is included in the fee. However, there are additional charges for broken and stolen equipment.

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